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This medium can and could be a beautiful instrument to inform traveller’s in a objective way about hotels and guesthouses to be visited in the future.

However this medium is at the same time one big company offering the same hotels and guesthouses a good or better ranking if participated in Tripadvisor advertising offers.

To my opinion this medium should be for 100% objective without having any paid advertising possibilities.

Reviews are always welcome and especially the ones informing other traveller’s  how good and nice we are. Good criticism is welcome too in order to improve our services but it happens that sometimes a guest is not happy and writes an angry review beyond any truth. The owner can respond or try to remove the review but in 90% of a complaint from the owner of manager he will receive the following message:

Dear TripAdvisor Listing Owner,

Thank you for expressing your concern about the following review:
We have completed our investigation into your concern and have found that the review in question complies with our submission guidelines. This review will remain published on TripAdvisor.

We encourage travelers to take the whole of a property’s reviews into account when judging it. If most other reviews are positive, travelers are likely to see a negative as a mere aberration.

If you have not already done so, we encourage you to use our management response feature which lets you respond to the review and tell your side of the story. Your management response will appear alongside the review it refers to, so that travelers can read both perspectives.

For more helpful tips and information about our services including management responses, please visit the Management Center

Your property is an important part of the TripAdvisor travel community and we appreciate your participation.

Best regards,
TripAdvisor Support Team

After receiving this message no communication is possible anymore and the owner or manager will have to accept the bad listing.

To our opinion Tripadvisor is more and more following the easy way of sending this kind of messages instead of investigating a complaint to a review in a correct way.

Shame on this team and we do hope that the future will give them better ideas how to manage the Tripadvisor site

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